Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Focus Effects

Focus Effects are usually used in a photo in order to produce a sharp image on the selected object. Actually, the effect of this focus can be set in a camera before shooting, but not all types of cameras that provide a focus effect, depending on the type of camera and of course the price of the camera. Well, if agan have a camera that does not have the facility to give effect to focus on a photo, agan not need to grieve because of the sophistication of the program Adobe Photoshop, can be given in addition to photo vignette effects, Adobe Photoshop also provides the facility to change the photo that has no effect focus, a photo that has a different focus between background and objects are selected.
Pay attention and do the steps below:
1. Which must first open Adobe Photoshopnya Program and open the photo that will be the focus effect by clicking File> Open or by pressing Ctrl + O on the keyboard or Double Click on the work area. Here I took a sample photo as below:

2. Double click on the Background layer to the New Layer dialog box appears, then the Focus name in the Name field, click OK.
Layer that has been given the name of Focus
3. Furthermore, we conduct background photo selection on the object by using the Brush Tool. Press Ctrl + Shift + N on the keyboard or click the Create a New Layer icon in the Layer Pallete.
It will show a new layer with the name Layer 1
4. In an Layer 1 still selected, change the Opacity value to 35%.
5. Select the Brush Tool
Then in the Properties Bar select the type of Hard Brush with Fashion = NormalOpacity = 100%, dan Flow = 100%
6. Further objects throughout the brush brush photo. Remember the background but not the object or photo that we choose which will be the focus effect. To speed up the brush, hold down [on the keyboard to shrink the brush size and] to increase the size of the brush.
And the first step to give effect brush object side photo!
Furthermore, throughout the brush object pictures, not to get left!

Screen display that has been given effect brush.
7. When finished sweeping brush objects throughout the photo like the example above. Then click the menu Select> Reselect or press Ctrl + left click on the image of the object on Layer 1 to make a selection on the object brush.
The results will be as shown below:

8. Enable Focus layer on the Layers Palette.
Then go to Select> Inverse or press Shift + Ctrl + I to invert the selected object.
The results are as shown below:

9. Click the menu Filter> Blur> Radial Blur.
In the Radial Blur dialog box Rate Amount = 10, Blur = menthod Zoom, and click Ok Quality = Good.

10. Actually, the process of giving up the steps here focus effect is complete.

11.Lalu Press Ctrl + D to remove the selection of work on display.
12. Now remove / dispose of Layer 1 via drag / drag Layer 1 to the trash.

Success. . . Here's the final photo that has been given focus effect.

Done gan hopefully bermanfa'at. . . Good luck!